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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006


So you're a rider who hates hills and would prefer the fast, whippy single-track instead. Allow me to introduce Ravenshoe. Started by a rider from B.C., the Ravenshoe trails are some of the fastest (and flatest) single-track I've ever ridden. A largely technical trail network which could stretch into a 20 - 25 km ride, Ravenshoe boasts some of the most advanced, technical riding accessible to Toronto riders. Having recently improved its trail markings, Ravenshoe includes trails such as "Cry Baby" and "Bell Ringer" which challenge any rider to merely stay clipped in as it twists and turns at break-neck speeds. For the local daredevil, Ravenshoe also boasts its fair share of lumber, sure to challenge even the most confident of riders. Finally, the best part of Ravenshoe is its anonymity. Not many riders know about this hidden gem which makes it a wide-open track most days. One small warning before you drop into this gem though: bring bug juice.


Length: 20-25 km
Type: Advanced single-track
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Directions (from Toronto): Take the 404 North to Davis Drive. East on Davis Drive to McCowan Rd. North on McCowan Rd. for approx. 11 km. The Ravenshoe entrance is on the left (500 metres south of Ravenshoe Rd.)

Monday, June 19, 2006

L2L Race Review

Wow, what a day! I woke up at 5AM, my bike almost fell off the car on the QEW, we made a few wrong turns on some Lake street and the bikes didn't arrive in Port Colbourne until 10:30. Then the 50km race started at 11:00 with temperautures of 32 DEGREES + HUMIDITY!!!, but I got to ride with a great bunch of friends (plus 1000 other people), was part of an awesome team effort to finish hard (Deaner!), and got heat stroke and puked. And all this in constant memory of Mike.

Some of us were riding in our first L2L and some of us were even riding in our first ever MTB race. Awesome job guys! Congratulations to all who finished a very gruelling ride but lets pray for a little cooler temps next year. Our results:

DEAN 68th overall of 934 Time of 2:01:27.8 Men 40-49 9th of 248
MARTY 69th 2:01:32.2 Men 30-39 26th of 239
RYAN S. 180th 2:14:22.2 Men 39-39 62nd of 239
DERRICK 218th 2:17:27.1 Men 40-49 60th of 248
CHRIS 248th 2:20:13.8 Men 20-29 39th of 120
TONY 364th 2:29:57.2 Men 20-29 56th of 120
DREW 407th 2:33:22.8 Clydesdale 10th of 20
BRENDA 410th 2:33:27.6 Women 30-39 9th of 37
RYAN M. 574th 2:51:08.5 Men 20-29 83rd of 120
SANDY 779th 3:14:18.1 Women 20-29 15th of 32

Special thanks to Julie, Sierra, Evan, Sean, and Mr. and Mrs. Quarrie who joined us on Sunday and who cheered us on at the finish. We're so lucky to have such an awesome support team for these events and their help is very appreciated.

Finally, this was our first L2L without our teammate and friend, Mike Spironello. This was an event that he shined at, with his results (finishing twice under 2 hours!!!) and his smiling face at the finish line. I do know that Mike was watching over us through the course as he always will, keeping us safe and driving us on. Spin, spin, spin.

We miss you, Mike.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Tribute to Mike

Hey everybody,

I'm sure you have all heard by now the sad news of the passing of our teammate, Mike Spironello. It occurred last Wednesday night, following what he loved doing best, inspiring others through one of his popular spinning classes. At 28, Mike was taken from us far too early. Given his immense character, his passion for life, and his ability to put a smile on your face, it certainly feels like our world is now divided in two: those that knew Mike and those that didn't.

Anyone wishing to share stories, pictures, and memories about Mike are encouraged to contribute to the Blog. Without a doubt, every race lap completed, every E-Load bottle mixed, and every handshake, hi-five, and hug following a ride will be in honour of one of the most authentic individuals to pedal a bike.

We love you Mike.

"Memories live longer than life."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This past Sunday (May 14), a few of our very own Overdraught riders competed in an Ontario Cup MTB race. This was the 2nd race of the series and took place at Albion Hills. Cheers to our riders for some awesome results . All 3 riders were representing Angry Johnny's Racing, a growing team with a fun and laid back approach to riding. I want in.

Brenda Obina - 2nd overall (Beginner Female 17+)
Keith MacDonald - 8th overall (Beginner Male 17+)
Marty Vanderhoek - 52nd overall (Master Sport Male 30-39)

Looks like the next race in the OCUP series will be held June 4th at Hardwood Hills. This race also doubles as a Canada Cup. Early registration closes May 28.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for getting this up and running Ryan! Amazing. The list looks nice and long for the Blog! Unfortunately I don't know everyone, so this is a great way to meet everyone. So is everyone doing the big race in August? I was talking to a spinner this morning about it, and now I'm all excited about the whole thing.

I must admit though, I haven't been on my mountain bike yet this year. Its still trashed from the
Squeezer race last fall. I have been putting sick miles on the road though. And the spinning.

For those of you who enjoy the road, myself and a couple of guys (and Kat) do morning rides on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Tuesdays we usually meet at the Exhibition and ride the loop there, and Thursdays we do a loop around Casa loma. We usually try to meet around 6:15 or so. Early! So if anyone is interested, email me and I'll keep you posted.

The Lake to Lake Race is coming up, a little over a month away! Its a great race, and always fun. I'm in for sure - you can't beat finishing a race on the beach!

Talk to you all soon!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome all Team Overdraught riders and other visitors.

This is your 2005 Team Blog now on the go! Be sure to stop by and check out all the results, pics, stories, and all things Team Overdraught.

Your contributions to the Blog are always welcome and much appreciated. Drop some comments, tell us about a recent ride or race.

Also, be sure to bookmark and visit the links on the sidebar for some quick mountain bike hits.

Again, thanks to all our sponsors this year (and to those riders that arranged them!). Here's to a great riding season for all and many laughs along the way. (Holy Hallmark cheese.)

Keep crankin'